“Making the Impossible, Possible”
The Paige Marie Foundation
Our Goals…


Our goal is to insure that children of all ages have the tools they need to be successful in life in spite of their RUNOVER situations.  PMF offers classes in many areas including tutoring for all subjects, GED tutoring, computer classes, interviewing skills, resume writing, daily financial management classes, etiquette classes, positive attitude and thinking classes, goal setting, entrepreneurship, leadership development, health and wellness, healthy living and many more.

PMF Youth Community Business Center

We offer our at risk youth the opportunity to explore different trade industries (auto body, plumbing, electrician, massage therapy, cosmetology) and careers (college degrees, military and National Guard).  They have access to computers, printers and other technology available for their use. Our youth will be partnered with local community mentors to help them set and achieve their goals.

Psychology Services

PMF recognizes that an individuals mental health is just as important as their physical health. Therefore, we partner with mental health providers in the area to offer our youth Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help them move forward in life beyond their RUNOVER situation.


PMF’s youth is eligible to receive scholarships to attend college and trade schools.  Certain criteria must be met.

The Scholar Program

We are committed to insuring that our youth understand the importance of giving back to the community. PMF youth volunteer throughout the community and are positive role models and mentors to today’s youth.

Family Services

PMF supports the families of our youth by helping with back to school supplies and clothes.  We assist with helping the families to meet the daily needs of our youth.

Corporate Sponsorship

We are always looking to partner with community businesses, schools and other non-profits to work together to ensure that our youth have the tools they need to be successful in their individual lives in spite of their RUNOVER situations.
About Paige Marie…
The Paige Marie Foundation, Inc. is built and founded on the true life story of Paige Marie Harris. After sustaining life threatening injuries and emerging from a coma which caused her lifelong disabilities, she became stronger in broken places. Paige Marie remained positive despite overwhelming odds Making The Impossible, Possible.
The Origin of The Paige Marie Foundation
The Paige Marie Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to today’s at risk youth who have had obstacles in their lives. Through Paige Marie Foundation’s subsidiary the RUNOVER, LLC. today’s youth who are RUNOVER by the circumstances of life will not only recover and rebuild, but thrive in Making The Impossible, Possible.

At the Paige Marie Foundation, Inc. Our Mission is to provide today’s at risk youth with the necessary assets and tools to overcome being RUNOVER and to rebuild in a myriad of ways, Making The Impossible, Possible.

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Making the Impossible Possible

by Paige Marie Foundation


Survive is what we do.
Courage is how we do it.
Faith is the fuel that powers the engines of both.
Making the Impossible Possible. 

Paige Marie Foundation


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